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Tutorial: Dacast’s Pay Per View Video Platform

In this video tutorial, we’ll be looking at the monetization options on your Dacast Channel. Dacast’s Pay Per View video platform includes adding Pay Per View tickets, setting up Subscriptions, and using Promo codes. Live Streaming Broadcasts can be a great source of revenue for your events and regular broadcasts. Typical paywall models include a one-off […]

Best Chroma Key Software Encoder Comparison

Best Video Broadcasting Software

In this video tutorial, we will provide a comparison of the Chroma Key features in the live streaming encoders; Wirecast, Xsplit, vMix, and OBS. “What is the best chroma key software encoder?” has no simple answer, so we will explore the Chroma Key features of all of these encoders. Chroma Key, or Chroma Keying, is […]

Publishing Point: Ingest Server For Live Streaming

Let’s get physical for a moment. Because live streaming is an Internet thing, it’s easy to think entirely in virtual terms, but physical reality plays a part, too. That includes camera quality, lighting, makeup if possible, camera angles, and of course, reliability and speed of Internet connections. It also includes the architecture used by live […]

EasyLive Cloud Video Editing Guide

Looking for an EasyLive cloud video editing guide? We walk through using the sophisticated, cloud-based platform in tandem with the Dacast live streaming solutions. This tutorial is intended to show off some of how to connect your Dacast account and content to EasyLive, along with showcasing some of the features of the platform. What is […]

Chroma Key Software For Live Streaming

Chroma Key

This is the third in our series of posts on chroma key compositing. We’ve explored what chroma key is–a way of shooting a video before a blank blue or green screen background and then replacing that screen with another background. We’ve discussed the differences between using a green screen and a blue screen, and how to use […]

Dacast Live Streaming Encoder Setup

In our previous tutorial, we covered how to create your Dacast channel. Now we’re going to look at how to complete your Dacast live streaming encoder setup. This will require your video broadcast software, also known as your encoder. After you’ve created your channel, to start your broadcast you will need an encoding software and […]