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Lecture Capture: The Complete Guide to E-Learning Software

lecture capture

Online education is experiencing an unprecedented boom, from early childhood education all the way through post-graduate programs. Whether students are studying online to progress toward graduation, or if they’re just casual consumers of educational material, every online student deserves a seamless online lecture viewing experience. To give students high-quality recorded educational content, you need professional […]

Video Hosting in China: What Broadcasters Need to Know

video hosting in China

Over the past ten years, the number of people accessing the internet in China has increased five-fold. As you might expect, such strong growth has led to an explosion of online video hosting in China.  In 2007, a mere 160 million Chinese had watched videos online. By 2014, however, this number had tripled to 433 […]

Adaptive Bitrate vs Multi-Bitrate Streaming: A Guide For Broadcasters

Adaptive Bitrate vs Multi-Bitrate Streaming

Quality of Experience is top of mind for today’s brands, and video streaming technologies have been rapidly improving to keep up with demand. In fact, studies show that buffering issues have fallen 41% and picture quality has risen 25% year-over-year. Even so, companies still need to make a tradeoff between video quality and performance often, […]

How to Create a Video on Demand Website for Business

Dacast streaming solutions

Online video is exploding. If you’re new to the game, the numbers are staggering. For example, video streaming rose 72.4% between Q1 2018 and Q1 2019. And those figures come on top of a 114% increase over the previous year’s period. What’s more, we can expect the same in 2020. Many businesses are monetizing their […]

9 Benefits of Live Streaming Services for Hosting Virtual Events

benefits of live streaming

Making your in-person events available for remote attendance is a great way to widen your business or organization’s reach. With the help of a professional live streaming service, you can host your first virtual event with little to no technical know-how. In this post, we’ll discuss what exactly streaming is and the benefits of live […]

Best Broadcasting Software for Business: a Comparison [Updated for 2020]

broadcasting software

Thanks to the development of technology over the past decade, live streaming has become easier and more powerful than ever before. Evidence of this appears all around us in our daily lives.  Research shows that the global enterprise video market should reach $19.8 billion by 2023. If you do the math, that’s an annual growth […]

Video for Sales: The Definitive Guide to Accelerating Lead Generation

Video For Sales

Every business wants more leads, ready to make a purchase, and become a loyal customer. But finding and closing those leads can be time-consuming and frustrating. To help you stand out from the crowd, you need tools and techniques that catch the attention of your prospects.  Using a video strategy in your sales process is […]

Password Protected Live Streaming: What You Need to Know

Password Protected Live Stream

For most professional broadcasters, privacy and security are a priority. Whether you want to keep internal videos out of the public eye or prevent your live streams from being hacked by online predators, there are tools for keeping your content and information safe. Password protection is one of the most simple yet effective tools available […]

Broadcasters Guide to Cloud Video Streaming In 2020

Cloud Video Streaming

Cloud video streaming is ideal for most modern marketers that need a straightforward and scalable video infrastructure. That way, brands can focus on putting out good video content without dealing with a lot of technical challenges. Let’s take a deep dive into cloud video streaming and the most important features to look for in video […]

Optimizing HTML5 Video Streaming [Updated for 2020]

HTML5 Video Streaming

If you’re new to live streaming, you may be wondering: what’s all the fuss about HTML5 video streaming? Overall, HTML5 video streaming enables the manipulation of multimedia content using <audio> and <video> HTML tags. Using the <video> tag creates a native HTML5 video player, and allows additional options for customizing and displaying video content. Of […]