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How to Use Multi-Bitrate Streaming for On Demand Video Upload

Multi-Bitrate Streaming

Providing your on-demand video viewers with the best user experience should be a priority. Making sure your viewers can stream your content in the optimal quality for their internet speed is a must. Multi-bitrate streaming is a video hosting tool that allows you to do just that. Multi-bitrate streaming allows your audience to access the […]

AVOD: The Definitive Guide to Ad-Based Video on Demand

AVOD ad-based on demand video monetization

Video content plays many roles in the professional world. Some businesses and organizations use videos for sales and marketing, and others use it to host remote events or training sessions. Since trends in online video streaming are on the rise, many businesses and professional content creators are monetizing on-demand videos. There are a few types […]

8 Steps to Building a VOD Platform with OTT Delivery

video on demand vod platform

Streaming on-demand has evolved over the past few years. In fact, every area of home entertainment spending has declined except for online video. For example, advertising on OTT content distributed via smart TVs alone is expected to hit $20.1 billion this year. Many businesses are finding value in creating video on demand (VOD) platforms for […]

Video Monetization Strategies – Generating Revenue from Online Audiences

video monetization strategy

A strategic video monetization strategy represents a tremendous opportunity for today’s broadcasters. Organizations of all sizes are using modern live streaming platforms, video on demand, and OTT technologies to distribute content quickly and effectively while generating income at the same time.  Yet, with traditional cable and satellite networks pushing their own video marketing and subscription […]

Video Marketing Strategies for Business – 2020 Guide and Beyond

Video Marketing Strategy

In today’s world, a comprehensive video marketing strategy is no longer optional but an integral part of doing business. According to marketing giant HubSpot, online video has eclipsed all other forms of media and is now the most requested type of user content.  Brands are taking notice as 87% of businesses report using video as […]

Online Video Hosting Platforms: Choosing the Best Solution for Business

online video hosting

Online video content has found its place in the professional world. One survey found that 51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI.  Similarly, eighty percent of people in another poll would rather watch live video from a brand than read their blog. These numbers are on […]

SVOD: Everything You Need to Know About Subscription Video On Demand

svod what is svod?

Video content has many purposes in the business world. It is primarily used in ads and content marketing strategies, but video content can actually be used as a product. Mini-films, tutorials, lessons, webinars, and other videos can be sold for on demand consumption. There are a few ways to monetize video on demand services, and […]

How To Improve the Live Streaming Quality of Professional Videos

broadcast live video

Buffering, lag, low resolution. We’ve all experienced these video quality problems as viewers. For professional broadcasters, poor-quality videos can have a negative impact on your brand. Luckily, streaming quality seems to be increasing across the board. Reported video start failures are down 33 percent year-over-year, buffering is down 41 percent and picture quality is up […]

How to Create an Effective Video Content Strategy for Your Brand

video content strategy

There are dozens of routes to go with digital marketing, but video content marketing has proven effective for so many business owners. Videos allow you to bring your content to life in a unique way. It gives viewers an experience that feels more interactive. Photos and written content are great, but videos offer a more […]