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Codec vs. Container: Encoder Settings for Live Streaming

Codec vs. Container

Live streaming video content is becoming more prominent in the professional world. Businesses are incorporating videos for sales, marketing, training, and more. People with little to no broadcasting experience are diving headfirst into the world of online video, not realizing how technologically complex this topic is. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to break […]

How to Choose Online Video Hosting for Professional Broadcasting

Business Video Hosting Platform

In the past few years, video streaming has completely upended the world of broadcasting. Many industries are finding ways to use professional broadcasting and online video hosting to support their goals. Businesses are using live video streaming for everything from simple product demos and to large-scale live events.  Today, we’ll take a look at what a video […]

Livestream vs. IBM Cloud Video (Ustream) Live Streaming: A Comparison

As technology evolves, our ability to capture moments on video continues to expand. Video broadcasting is becoming more and more useful for business owners. It is used as a tool for business or an entire business model, itself. In order to get started with professional broadcasting, you need a streaming platform that is the best […]

Top 11 Secure Video Hosting Platforms for Professionals

Dacast Video Hosting - Knowledge Base Tutorials

An October 2019 survey of marketers by the Content Marketing Institute found that 71 percent of B2B organizations utilized video as a documented part of their content marketing strategy. And 57 percent of respondents said they use webinars and online events as part of their marketing. Data from Google shows that 55 percent of online […]

RTMP vs. RTSP: Which Streaming Protocol is Right for Your Business?

rtmp vs rtsp

The ability to smoothly, professionally stream live video online is essential to the success of your content. If your viewers have too much difficulty watching the videos you stream, or if your streaming process is too complicated, the content you create won’t be seen by the people you’re most looking to draw in and you’ll […]

Simulcasting: The Ultimate Guide to Multi-Destination Streaming

simulcasting simulcast streaming

The purpose of broadcasting is to bring video content to your target audience. What if you could stretch the reach of your broadcast and bring your video to more people? With simulcasting, you can reach larger audiences by broadcasting your content on more platforms. Think beyond your video player. Think Facebook, Youtube, and the other […]

How to Stream to Multiple Platforms Simultaneously with Dacast

Stream to Multiple Platforms

Even though broadcasting videos on your website through a professional online video platform (OVP) gives you the most control over your video content and live streams, streaming on other platforms comes with its own set of benefits. You likely have followers on Youtube, Facebook, and other social media platforms with live streaming functions, so why […]

Lecture Capture: The Complete Guide to E-Learning Software

lecture capture

Online education is experiencing an unprecedented boom, from early childhood education all the way through post-graduate programs. Whether students are studying online to progress toward graduation, or if they’re just casual consumers of educational material, every online student deserves a seamless online lecture viewing experience. To give students high-quality recorded educational content, you need professional […]

Video for Sales: The Definitive Guide to Accelerating Lead Generation

Video For Sales

Every business wants more leads, ready to make a purchase, and become a loyal customer. But finding and closing those leads can be time-consuming and frustrating. To help you stand out from the crowd, you need tools and techniques that catch the attention of your prospects.  Using a video strategy in your sales process is […]

53 Must Know Live Streaming Statistics [2020 Update]

live streaming statistics

The live streaming industry is growing faster than ever. However, some people are still unsure whether or not incorporating professional broadcasting into their business is worth it.  We’ve put together the top 53 live streaming statistics that show the growth and current state of the live streaming industry. With these numbers in mind, you should have […]