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How to Live Stream Virtual Events for Remote Attendance [Holidays 2020 Update]

live stream virtual events

Over the past few years, remote events have grown quite popular. Companies and organizations are using them to share information and build communities with people around the world. Recent situations have proven the value of virtual events. The ability to live stream conferences, meetings, webinars, and even events for leisure has come in handy during […]

How to Choose a Video Paywall Solution for Live Streaming Monetization

video paywall

As online video becomes more and more popular, broadcasters are getting on board and creating monetizable video content.  In recent decades, advertising has been the most common video monetization method on the internet by far. An example of this would be the ads you tend to skip before a YouTube video. According to a Digital […]

How to Live Stream a Virtual Holiday Event in 6 Steps

Live Stream Holiday Event

The holidays are approaching fast, and this year, the festivities look a little different. Lots of events are coming up, including Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, Hanukkah, and much more. In order to keep gatherings small, a lot of organizations are live streaming their holiday events and encouraging participants to attend online. Live […]

How to Live Stream an Event: Top 5 Tips and Tricks [Holidays 2020 Update]

Live Stream an Event

In recent years, live-streamed events have become the norm in our technology-driven and globally-connected society.  In fact, statistics show that live video will account for 17% of internet video traffic by 2022 which equates to 15-fold growth since 2017. Today, it’s possible for even small businesses and startups to live stream concerts, sporting events, weddings, […]

The Ultimate Guide to Live Streaming Events Online [Holidays 2020 Update]

live streaming events

Live streaming has opened up endless possibilities for those in the business and education worlds. Seminars, classes, training, conferences, and other large speaking events have moved to the web to make the events more simple and affordable. However, in order to produce high-quality live streams, you need more than just a webcam and a Youtube […]

9 Benefits of Live Streaming Services for Hosting Virtual Events

how to live stream

Making your in-person events available for remote attendance is a great way to widen your business or organization’s reach. With the help of a professional live streaming platform, you can host your first virtual event with little to no technical know-how. In this post, we’ll discuss what exactly streaming is and the benefits of live […]

7 Ways To Increase Viewership on Live Event Broadcasts

Increase Viewership

Are you tired of your live streaming material going to waste? Are you struggling to gain viewers for your live broadcasts?  When it comes to ways to increase viewership on live event broadcasts, there are several different things to keep in mind. Even when you know you have information people want to see, growing and […]

Zoom Live Streaming Alternatives – What You Need to Know

With the sudden surge of working from home and online schooling, Zoom has its time to shine. This video communication platform has been life-saving for many businesses and schools. However, several users have experienced some hiccups in security, leaving people searching for a more robust and reliable Zoom alternative. Today, we’re going to cover everything […]

Video SEO: What Digital Marketers & Broadcasters Need to Know

video SEO

Marketers have become more creative as the world has grown more digital. Live video marketing and SEO are currently two of the top content marketing techniques.  Interestingly enough, the two are being used in unison to create a marketing beast that reaches warm audiences and builds profitable connections.  In this post, we’re going to discuss […]

How to Copyright a Video In the US – The Definitive Guide

how to copyright a video

Protecting your content is very important in professional broadcasting. When most people think about keeping their videos safe, their first thought goes to password protection, top-of-the-line encryption, and the like. In addition to these security measures, you should pay attention to your video copyright. As a professional broadcaster, owning your video is important. Today, we’re […]