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Live Streaming Conferences and Meetings

Are you looking for a solution for live streaming conference events or other professional meetings? Have you considered expanding the reach of your business or trade through live streaming, but aren’t sure where to start? Just interested to learn more about the trends and potential of live streaming conference events or other large gatherings? You’ve […]

New End-to-end Affordable Low Latency Live Broadcasting Solution

Dacast Announcement

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 27, 2018 — Now introducing Dacast HLS Direct, an end-to-end low latency live streaming solution. Designed to support any live event broadcast to all viewer devices, low latency live streaming with Dacast is more affordable and accessible than ever before. Dacast users have access to the most straightforward and affordable approach to low latency […]

Live Audio Streaming Service for Radio

live audio streaming service

Searching for a live audio streaming service for radio? Since its early 20th century debut, radio has become a mainstay of entertainment culture. In recent years, the internet age has quickly brought new meaning and opportunities to the radio industry. With more accessible live streaming and media technology, focused and complex radio programming is more […]

HTML5 Live Streaming Pay Per View Video Paywall

Nowadays, more and more video streaming platforms offer the option to generate revenue from your streams.  Yet not all live streaming solutions include a built-in paywall feature as part of their monetization features. For that reason, Dacast offers a white-label, very easy to use HTML5 live video streaming video paywall, giving you the greatest variety […]

Online Video and Live Stream Security

Are you a broadcaster in search of the latest in live stream security for your video content? Looking for a reliable and secure video streaming solution? As a professional live video streaming solution, Dacast has honed its security features to best protect your video content. Video content includes both live broadcast content along with on-demand […]

How to connect a network camera to a RTMP online video platform?

Connect a network camera

Network cameras (also called IP cameras) have many advantages that make them very popular among live-streaming fans. If you want to have complete control over your streams, the network camera is the product for you. Considering its increasing popularity, let’s take a closer look at this type of camera and how to connect it to […]

Best Live Chat with HTML5 Video Player Solutions

HTML5 Video Player

Are you wanting to integrate live chat conversations alongside your HTML5 video player? You’ve come to the right place. This blog will share a recommended list of the best live chat solutions for use with live streaming video. Specifically, this blog will discuss why live chat is important to use alongside live streams. Then, we’ll […]

How to Choose the Best Live Streaming Video Platform for My Website

Searching for the best live streaming video platform for your website? In need of professional video hosting? Do you have content to share and a desire to engage a variety of people? If your answer to any of these questions is yes!, then video streaming may be the perfect solution for you! Whether for education, […]

Dacast Launches Best-Ever Video CDN Pricing

SAN FRANCISCO, January 3, 2018 – Dacast, Streaming as a Service™ platform, today launched its new, best-ever video CDN pricing. With significant price cuts across the board, these new prices lower live and on demand video streaming solutions costs to businesses by as much as 30%. These new low prices on Dacast’s best-in-class video streaming […]

Dacast listed in the 100 Top Video Streaming Services for the 5th year

Online video has become essential for businesses and companies that use video features to grow revenue 49% faster than those that don’t. Therefore, choosing a video streaming solution plays an essential role in your business strategy and can be a tough choice especially since the streaming market is getting crowded. This is the reason why […]