How Many Promo Codes Can I Have for Pay-Per-View Streaming Monetization?

Dacast - Video Monetization and Paywall

You can have up to 999,999 promo codes on your pay-per-view streaming pricing. This limit is per channel and not an account-wide limit on the Dacast’s pay-per-view streaming platform. More on Video Monetization Dacast’s secure paywall has made it easy for users to monetize their video content with both pay-per-view and subscription methods.  In addition […]

Does the viewer payment system support PayPal? (Legacy App)

Yes, the viewer payment system supports payment through PayPal. This works differently from credit card payment, though, as the player will redirect the viewer to PayPal’s page temporarily to complete payment. To enable sales over PayPal, you need to first accept the PayPal terms though. To do this, click PREFERENCES and then PAYMENT SETTINGS inside […]